Dangerous Goods Training

If employees are handling dangerous goods or consigning them for transport then employees are required to be trained in the correct procedures.

Training content is regulated for air and sea transport, other procedures are required under the general regulation to provide training to employees.Regular training is key to safeguarding your supply chain and your people by ensuring safety and helping you stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.

Training is only the first step to getting your dangerous goods documentation right. 

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What we do

Our Training Services

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

Classroom Training

DG Coach offers regular classroom training at our Melbourne Head Office including initial and recertification courses for:
- Dangerous Goods By Air
- Dangerous Goods By Sea
- Dangerous Goods By Road and Rail

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

Online Training

Can’t get to a classroom or spare the time from work?
DG Coach also offers online training so you can achieve certification at a time and location that is convenient to you.

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists


Training is only part of the solution, we believe that having the latest in dangerous goods management solutions is the best way to stay compliant.

ASMA and CASA Accredited Training Courses

Part of Dangerous Goods Network, Australia’s first Specialist in Dangerous Goods

Member of the Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council (ADGATC)

Dangerous Goods

Who Needs Training

If you are involved in the shipping, handling, transportation and storage industries then your employees must receive Dangerous Goods Training. This falls into two broad categories:

But what exactly are your obligations and who in your organization should go through training?

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

Who are we

Our Advantage

Guaranteed Course Dates

We know how frustrating it is to schedule time for your staff to attend a course only for it to be cancelled. That’s why we have no minimum attendance requirements for our classroom training sessions. So if you book a course we guarantee it will run on that date.

Training Made Easy

A lot goes into getting your employees into a training course, so we work hard to make it as easy as possible: Online and offline options. Training content that is enjoyable and easy to understand. tea, coffee and lunch provided on training days Certification provided and records management including notification when your team’s certification is due to expire.

Real World Application

Training is only useful if you can apply it. That’s why we not only design our course content to be relatable but provide additional post training support and systems that help you apply the requirements to your workplace and get up to speed with compliance.

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

Expert trainers in Dangerous Goods

About Us

DG Coach are part of DG Network, Australia’s number one dangerous goods expert. Our team have real world experience working in the DG transportation industry, the challenges of applying regulations and staying compliant. This allows them to provide more than just training to support you and your team in understanding DG requirements in depth. 


We focus on finding the right solution for our customers and delivering value through ongoing training and software support.

Customer Service

We deliver beyond expectations to earn the trust and respect of our customers and suppliers.


We believe in Teamwork both internally and with our suppliers to deliver the best results for our customers.


We are Flexible and Agile in the face of changing business environments, regulations and customer needs.

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