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Online training courses providing maximum flexibility for your staff and minimal disruption to productivity as they can be done at a convenient time. DG Coach partner with DG Trainer to offer the best online training experience available. DG Trainer is an interactive computer based training course which has been specifically designed to allow you to satisfy the requirements of Part 92 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (1998) or the IMDG Code relating to dangerous goods training, in the convenience of your own home or workplace and at your own pace.

Online Courses Instructions

The course is composed of a number of sections and sub-sections. Either a complete section or a part of a section is shown on the screen at any given time, usually together with a question – these screens of information are termed pages.

Read each page of information carefully and answer any associated questions. You may choose to browse the entire course first and then come back to do the questions, or you may answer the questions as you go. The course is non-linear and may be completed in any order, as it will provide you with continuous feedback, and ensure that you complete all sections.

Once you have read all the pages and successfully completed the required preliminary questions you will be eligible to attempt the final multiple choice exam.

The course and exam may be completed in one session if desired. However, if the need arises to log out of the course or exam before completion, then your work will be saved automatically and you will be able to pick up where you left off next time you login.

Infectious Substances By Air

The infectious substances by air interactive online training course has been specifically designed to allow shippers of biological substances to satisfy the requirements of Part 92 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (1998) relating to dangerous goods training.

The course has been designed to provide the student with:  

  • An understanding of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Relevant sample extracts from other publications.
  • General awareness of dangerous goods and ability to recognize and identify them if and when they are presented for transport on an aircraft
  • Understanding of how to send infectious and biological substances by air with safety and compliance.

The exam is open book and consists of 20 unique multiple choice questions, there is no time limit so you are strongly advised to refer back to the course material and read each question carefully. The pass mark is 80%, if you fail to achieve this you will be able to re-sit another exam. 

On completion of the online exam and receiving the required pass mark students will be issued with a downloadable certificate valid two years. You will be required to print a copy placed in their employee records.

Duration of the course:
Course Fee: $ 198 incl. GST – Bulk Order Discounts Available

The course is approved as an interactive computer based course by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 92.140.


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