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Dangerous Goods Management Software

Dangerous goods regulations are ever changing and often open to interpretation, opening your business up to the risk of non-compliance and the heavy fines and delays that go with a procedural failure. 

Combining your teams training with the right systems to produce your transport documents, shipping labels, safety data sheets, and other crucial logistics processes is the key to staying compliant. At DG Coach we offer the latest in online software solutions from DGOffice that provides a complete set of tools to manage all your dangerous goods related activities and is constantly being updated to remain compliant with all Dangerous Goods Regulations including: 

  • ICAO/IATA (Air)
  • IMDG (Sea)
  • ADR (European Road)
  • 49CFR (USA)
  • TDG (Canada)
  • ADG (Australia)
  • RID (European Rail)
  • GHS (Globally Harmonised System)
  • SEVESO (European storage and handling)
  • Environmental regulations

Access DGOffice anytime from anywhere in the world, as it is fully developed as online application. In one system you get a powerful set of tools that makes it easy to adapt languages, regulations and much more. 

Safe, Secure & Simple

DGOffice helps you minimize risks and assures compliance by providing you with information on what is allowed and obligatory in the transportation, handling, storage, production and trade of dangerous goods. It saves time and money by producing all required documentation and labelling automatically to meet the applicable rules and regulations, and reduces errors by automatically applying changes made in one place to all other fields where those changes are required. 


The modular design of DGOffice allows you to only purchase the software modules your specific tasks require. Each module offers a comprehensive set of functions, developed for a specific business or industry segment, and can be used separately or in combination with each other. DG General is the core component that includes the dangerous goods information databases on substances as well as regulatory information. It offers all the primary tools and functions to run, implement and manage our software solutions.

Below you can find an overview of all available modules, grouped into related categories. 

DG Transport

Covers all requirements for correct transportation, accompanied by accurate and compliant documentation. There are separate modules for Air, Sea, Road, Rail, Inland waterways and Norwegian inland ferries. Read more

DG Handling

Simplifies production of NOTOC and Acceptance of air cargo. Read more

DG Production

Tools needed in the production process, like SDS creation, workplace instructions and chemicals labelling. Read more

DG Support Tools

Tailor the software to your needs with product shipping labels, own articles, document archive, document management, transfer documents, statistics and reports, communication option, synchronization: online vs. offline, or safety and security courses. Read more

DG E-freight

Electronic streamlining of your shipping documents. Read more 

Integrating automated Dangerous Goods management solutions

DGOffice is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems and can be integrated within your own network environment. Different automated solutions can be offered, to suit your specific needs and can easily be linked to your existing back office system including WMS, CRM or ERP systems. Solutions vary from integration options via a remote server, to interfacing systems via web services, and from database implementation to data maintenance. Read more

Training is only the first step to getting your dangerous goods documentation right. 

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