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dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals compliance services

We help sort out your dangerous goods compliance system by conducting detailed reviews of your existing processes, implementing expert procedures and leading training courses to ensure you’re compliant with current regulations allowing you to better focus on your core business.

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DG Network’s facilitated compliance, support, training and specific consulting is delivered with professionalism, reliability and a focus on customer service.


We maintain a DG Helpdesk for answering compliance questions, and can assist with a gap analysis and auditing at your site based on site specific requirements. If you face challenges such as receiving conflicting information, being told your packaging does not comply, or that there’s no way to ship your item because it may be classified as dangerous goods, then speak to our experts today.

DG Training

We provide dangerous goods training for people who have responsibility for, manage, supervise or handle dangerous goods in the workplace. Our workshops are conducted on site at our Melbourne office or online and provide participants with an understanding of the legal and operational requirements and how to find practical solutions to storing and handling dangerous goods issues to prevent potential incidents. Our airfreight courses are approved by CASA, and our seafreight courses are approved by AMSA.

Dangerous Goods Experts

About DG Networks

Dangerous Goods Network was established to fast-track your organisation for compliance with dangerous goods regulations faster and more efficiently than you would alone.

We bring a range of dangerous goods expertise to organisations of all sizes to enable you to approach your dangerous goods compliance systems with confidence. We help reduce or eliminate many of the issues associated with a dangerous goods supply chain that can result in incidents, injuries, delays and lost productivity, through to fines and prosecutions.
We provide consulting and training services in compliance with dangerous goods regulations

We work with large, medium and small sized companies across various industries including transport and aviation, mining, health care, engineering and manufacturing, defence and security and retail, who manage a supply chain that includes dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Experts

Our methodology

We have learnt from practical experiences what works and what doesn’t work, and developed a range of systems, procedures and training courses to maintain dangerous goods compliance systems with regulations while you focus on your core business.

1. Determine minimum compliance requirements for each site and setting

2. Establish industry best practice standards and procedures

3. Integrate compliance with existing procedures and business requirement

4. Automate, outsource and streamline manual functions where possible

5. Document systems for reference and training

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