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Dangerous Goods

Domestic and International Transport

We supply fully traceable, door-to-door transportation services for all 9 classes of Dangerous Goods both within Australia and internationally, providing you with convenience and peace of mind.

Dangerous Goods Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

Marair provides a complete DG re-packing service for compliance with DG Regulations. We also stock an extensive range of packaging, labels and materials, and can provide expert advice to ensure you comply with current international regulations. Shop online or contact us for assistance.

Dangerous Goods Training

Training and Software

We provide a range of online and face to face Dangerous Goods Compliance Courses and the latest in management software. Giving your business the knowledge and resources it needs.

Dangerous Goods Consultancy and Support

Consultancy and Support

We maintain a DG Helpdesk for answering compliance questions, and can assist with a gap analysis and auditing at your site based on site specific requirements. Speak to our experts today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent dangerous goods questions and answers

Yes, we have certified dangerous goods training both in the classroom and online. Click to access our dangerous goods training.

If your item, or contents within the item are listed as a class of dangerous goods. Further information about the contents of your item/s can be found on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

You can read more about what is considered as dangerous goods: Click here to read: What are the 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods.

Yes, you can pack your own dangerous goods as long as the storage, handing and transport of the goods is in accordance with regulations. You can purchase UN approved dangerous goods packaging and labeling here: Shop Now. Knowing how to pack your dangerous goods for storage and transport in line with regulations is important. We have certified dangerous goods training courses for dangerous goods transport via air, sea, rail and road. You can view our training courses here. 

Yes, we have a dangerous goods pick up service. The service is dependent on each individual item/s. To book, please fill out this form: Book Now.

Yes, however some lithium batteries are exempt from dangerous goods transport regulations. For more information, please contact us.

Air training is Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) certified and sea training is certified by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and valid for two years. Refresher courses must be completed before your certification expires. To find out more about our on-site and online training, please click here. 

Yes, however there are many minimum standard charges as part of the shipping process by air, and often this can be uneconomical when compared to the price of the item/s being shipped. For more information, please contact us

We have 3 locations across Australia.

12 Allied Drive
Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Australia
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Phone: +61 2 9727 3284

Storing dangerous goods can be a complex task as current government regulations must be adhered. To find out more: Read this Blog Article: 6 tips for Managing Dangerous Goods in Storage or contact us for more information. 

Yes. When transporting dangerous goods internationally, all goods must be security cleared before they can be loaded on an aircraft or ship. For more information or to book your shipment, please contact us or book now. 

The time it takes to transport dangerous goods is dependent on the mode of transport and the destination of where the dangerous goods are being delivered to. An accurate time of delivery will be given during time of quote or booking. To make a booking, please fill out the booking form.

We offer temporary storage before the item is transported, depending on the dangerous goods class and location. For more information, please contact us.

Yes, we conduct pre-acceptance checks to ensure your goods meet standards for transport via air, sea and road and rail transport. Please contact us for more information or book here

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Dangerous Goods Specialists

Understanding and Applying Regulations:

These are just some of the challenges you can face when you deal with the wrong partner.

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

ASMA and CASA Accredited Training Courses

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Member of the Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council (ADGATC)

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

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Specialists in Dangerous Goods

Marair partners with clients and freight forwarders to create an integrated supply chain that provides full traceability and accountability for even the smallest job. Our clients can safely and efficiently move dangerous goods with the same efficiency as general cargo.


We focus on finding the right solution for our customers and delivering value through ongoing training and software support.

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We deliver beyond expectations to earn the trust and respect of our customers and suppliers.


We believe in Teamwork both internally and with our suppliers to deliver the best results for our customers.


We are Flexible and Agile in the face of changing business environments, regulations and customer needs.

Consulting Services

Do you need help to comply with DG regulations?

Dangerous Goods Consultancy and Support
Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists


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Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists


12 Allied Drive
Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Australia
Phone: +61 3 8318 4500


55 Tacoma Circuit
Canning Vale WA 6155 Australia
Phone: +61 8 6350 0200


Unit 7 14 Childs Road
Chipping Norton NSW 2170 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9727 3284

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